Too much

This is not even poetic or interesting, it’s just a vent. There is too much to do. Too many emails to return (thank God they are not phone calls) and too many things to put on the calender. And now my hubby is home and wants to know why I’m STILL on the computer.

Arg . . ..


The Miracle That Isn’t There

This is my pondering for the week. It occurred to me this week that no where in the Bible does someone exist in two places at once. I’ve often wished for this. Can I please have one body to do all my sleeping for me, another to constantly clean, one to work a job I like, two more to work jobs that receive big paychecks, and another to be that mom who DOES all that stuff she pins? ( In the Gospels there were plenty of sick people to heal, places to travel to, and leaders to debate, yet Christ never splits Himself to do more. Maybe I don’t need to either?


Make it Monday #1

So today is the first day to put the schedule into action. It worked pretty well. My oldest son is at camp this week, so it’s only me and the two younger ones. We got up, got dressed and dove into the day.

My schedule has no time in it for shopping. This morning in between the stuff on the schedule I made a Peapod order. Peapod is a grocery delivery company through Stop and Shop in this area. I HIGHLY recommend it. There are shortcomings, I can’t always find the item/size/brand I want, AND you have to order at least a day in advance, so you have to be organized. Yes, there is a charge for delivery, but when I (or really my husband who loves to put stuff on a spreadsheet) give a value to the time it takes to go to the grocery store, get everything off the shelves, check out, put it in the car, and drive back home again, it works out as a positive, even at the $7 delivery cost.

I was worried about the organization part, but first thing this morning I could get a delivery tomorrow. I chose the discounted longer time slot for delivery, and I’m just going to cross my fingers that it doesn’t interfere with “take a trip Tuesday.”

Also worried that 2.0 left some of his spending money at home, the part for materials for merit badges. Left a message at the trading post’s voice mail, and worried.

The library was AWESOME as usual. My kids are in the summer reading program and X-man, who is working hard at reading after a year in kindergarten, read for over 100 minutes the first week. He is very proud of himself! Little J got a bag full of chapter books to devour this week.

Stopped at the bank and CVS after for some OTC meds and milk for my coffee. (Some things can’t wait for the Peapod man.) Found outI had one last check from my last employer that was direct deposited, YAY!

2.0 called on a counsellor’s cell phone re missing money. Worked it out with adult for him to either cover the young man (and I’ll pay it back when they get home) or ask the Trading Post to call me for a credit card to cover it. YAY! Worry gone!

After lunch should be 2.0’s pick of activity, but since he is at camp the younger two and I brainstormed ideas for Friday’s “Lucky Pick” activity. Contrary to my detractors, I’m NOT trying to keep my kids from doing the things they want to do, I just don’t want to be a nag and want them to do things that are necessary for the household and things that are good for them. SO the “Lucky Picks” are various enjoyable things to do.

Then the activity of the day, MAKE IT MONDAY! Little J asked early today if it could be sugar cookies. YAY! Luckily there is a package of cookie dough in the fridge. DOUBLE YAY! Here is what it looked like:

Little J and the X-Man on Make it Monday #1

Little J and the X-Man on Make it Monday #1

And now look at ME! I’m BLOGGING! I’m doing things I want to do. Not just new high levels on my silly games, but actual creative work! I don’t feel guilty, the kids have been outside, read books, worked on quick recall math facts, been creative and done chores. I have done some light chores, played with my kids, been patient and  understanding with them, life is GOOD.

My Summer Scedule

So today is the first weekday of summer vacation. This year I am prepared. Two weeks ago, on MY first unemployed day, with the kids still in school I created a schedule for myself and the kids. I printed it and posted it on the bulletin board that previously held all of the school stuff – calenders, the other half of permission slips, etc etc etc.

It looks like this:

Daily Schedule web

It was not met with raves and applause. Friends mocked it for trying to force anyone over the age of 3 to follow it. Others pointed out that I was over scheduling and leading my kids to follow in my legacy of anxiety. 2.0, my eldest son, had a COMPLETE meltdown over the idea of having a scheduled summer after a very stressful school year.

I do have anxiety and depression. Looking at he nice neat schedule gave me a sense of inner peace and calm that I could reach into and care for my family with. From my life experience I know that if I sleep in too much in the morning and allow the days to go by without form I get into a fog that is hard to shake. I need a plan and a direction. If I have a schedule, I will be a happier Mom, and “happy wife, happy life” is a truism in my family.

So welcome to the journey that is this summer.

Clay the Chameleon

Once there was a chameleon named Clay. You may not know this, but being a chameleon is

not easy. Every morning he woke up and he couldn’t get all his scales the color he wanted. He

tried tapping them. He tried scratching them. He even tried rolling on the floor. But some days

nothing helped.

His mom worked very hard to make him breakfast. Sometimes his eggs were YUMMY!

Sometimes they were too salty. Sometimes they were cold. Sometimes they even got thrown

on the floor.

Most days Clay like to ride on the bus. He liked to listen to the engine and watch the telephone

wires wiz-wizz-wizz by.

The bus brought him to a wonderful place. It was a school just for chameleons like him. There

was a gym with a trampoline where he could BOUNCE. There was a weight room where he

could RUN and most wonderful of all was the classroom where he could walk on puzzle pieces

and learn to get his scales the right color.

Some days were fun. On those days he learned to match letters, or do puzzles, or set the table.

Other days were hard. Clay got so mad that sometimes he spit, or kicked the wall or even rolled

on the floor. The teachers were very patient. They kept showing him how to walk on the puzzle


Some days he could be purple, or blue or even striped. But even on crazy days he was always

glad to come home to Daddy and Mommy and into his own bed.

The End

The Evening Before

She looked out the window again, but no one came. Surely they would. She was planning to confront the boss and demand he do the right thing. He seemed to know everything that was going on. Even if it were going on only between her hears, surely he would know that too?

But she HAD to speak up. She could not stay silent, he friends were getting hurt every day. He would say it was because they were not following their training, that they ought to know better how to do their jobs without being injured. The company did not exist to serve THEM, he would say. The company produces fabric, that was the most important thing, the fabric. Second most important were the customers that bought the fabric, then come the investors and finally, if there were anything left, the company would give something to its workers.

She couldn’t stay silent any longer. She had seen fingers mangled and bleeding, and worse, spirits broken by the supervisors who called out any worker and held them up for ridicule.

She opened her notebook again to the points she hoped to get across to the boss. Suddenly the words swam in front of her eyes and she sobbed out her fear and desperation. “Please,” she threw out to the universe, “PLEASE let me convince him, he MUST change his mind.”

For the Least of These

I don’t live in a city where there are beggars on the street. Dropping a few coins in their cups as you rush by is an easy way to give to others. Where I live, I have to look harder for people’s needs. I need to be open to looking at people and not rush by, to talk to people, even though I’m very scared sometimes. Are they hungry for food, clothing and shelter? Or are they begging for comfort, encouragement or council? These things cannot be given without making the effort of connecting with the person you see. This is hard to do. But luckily if you live with other people or work where you interact with other people, you don’t even need to change your life, just your style. The person in need lives in the same house as you, or works for the same company.  Be ready to look beyond your initial reaction  and reach out with love to that person. Do just a little bit more than you want to. Do more than you did yesterday.

Isn’t it great that you don’t have to hesitate or get legal opinions or hire a CPA? You don’t need to start a foundation and fund raise to make the world a better place, start right now.